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Books 'En More is one of the best reliable source of school and office supplies in Southern California. We have been proudly servicing schools and offices for years. From Books to office and medical supplies, we offer top of the line products at affordable prices.

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Books and Instructional Materials

Our selection of best selling books and instructional materials are preferred by educational professionals to help them improve the students' learning experience. From educational manuals to common core standards, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Try our selection of educational toys and games to make the classroom learning more fun and enjoyable for the kids.

Books En More promises to be able to serve you with great customer service and dedication. And therefore, guarantee that we can offer any book from any publisher.

For books that are not available in our online catalog, please fill in the form located at our Contact Us page and one of our friendly customer representatives will get back to you within 24-48 hrs.

Office Supplies

Books En More offers designer quality office supplies at affordable prices. From carts to desks, laptops to toners, we guarantee exquisite products made from durable materials.

Decorate your office or home study with any of our accent furnitures. Sure to not only be functional but also offer a stylish and decorative characteristic. Also, view our tv carts and stands, great for school and office presentations.

Medical Supplies

Newly added to our online catalog, Books En More now offers medical supplies at a fraction of the cost. Choose from our selection of gloves and scrubs, we are sure to get you the supplies that you need.

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Get Everything at Our Educational Supply Store

Whether you have a job teaching in a school or you are homeschooling children in your home, you need the right resources to properly educate children. At Books ‘En More, we offer educational resources for teachers and discounted books online so everyone can have access to the educational materials they need to have an impact in the classroom. There are many discount book stores out there, but ours is solely focused on fulfilling educational needs.

Get All the Educational Books You Need

We carry a large selection of books that can be useful to teach children just about any subject. These books are carefully selected and offered at a great discount so everyone can afford to get the books they need to teach. This includes individuals who are interested in providing a good education to their children in their own home. This means we offer more than many teacher supply stores, which are restricted to educators only.

More than Just Books

We are more than just a book store. We are also a school supply store that offers a long list of products that are useful in any classroom. All of our supplies are geared toward education, unlike many other office supplies stores that offer items that are more in line with offices. We even offer teacher supply catalogs direct to your door so you can keep up with our newest products and order quickly and easily from the comforts of your own home.