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Books En More Reads to Elementary School Students During Read Across America Day

Dr. Seuss' birthday last March 2 was a huge hit. Did you know he would have turned 113 years old that day?! Kids everywhere celebrated by reading about his legacy through the pages of his books. We should know, because Books En More were at several local Elementary schools such as PRESIDENT, NORMONT, HARBOR CITY, and DENKER AVENUE doing just that! Books En More volunteered to share Dr. Seuss' message by reading out loud to elementary school students. The team was more than happy to lend a hand for the great cause of inspiring young generations to read. Dr. Seuss' books changed the way children's books were written by encouraging kids to use their imagination, having fun while reading and just by being plain silly. Check out the gallery below to see the team in action:

Books En More at PRESIDENT Avenue Elementary School


Books En More at NORMONT Elementary School


Books En More at HARBOR CITY Elementary School


Books En More at DENKER Avenue Elementary School


The process begins with you, the parent. Developing a passion for reading begins at home so read to your children and they will catch on. Children imitate and they will interpret you reading, as an adult pleasure and will therefore follow your lead. Make reading a daily routine. Give lots of encouragement to your child. Remember, it's never too late because reading is a bonding activity for the ages.

You can find that Books En More has what you need to get a head start on Dr. Seuss' books. If you can't find what you're looking for, tell us what you need and we'll get it for you!