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We at Book En More want everyone to start off on the right foot, and what better way to do this than by acts of kindness?

(On our yearly thing – Participating in the National ‘Read Across America’ with Dr. Seuss books)
It’s always important to find the time to read, and develop your literacy skills. Because of this, our team headed out to local schools to get students excited about reading through the wonderful works of Dr. Seuss

(2016 – L.A. Food Bank)
The distribution of food to those who need it is one of the pillars of Books En More’s philosophy. Giving assistance and providing basic necessities like food is one of the many ways we want to give back. For Edith’s birthday we hoped to improve the lives of those who were not able to meet basic needs, by volunteering for the LA Food Bank, packing meals for those less fortunate.

(2017 – Recycling, keeping earth clean, and helping out with the laundry)
We recycle and the proceeds go to Laundry Love.

(2017 Laundry Love)
Laundry. It’s a necessity. Not done enough, it starts to smell. Done too much, and it’ll start burning a hole through your wallet. Money we earn from recycling goes straight to Laundry Love, a ministry dedicated to providing laundry services for those who need it.

(La Union, Philippines – Back-pack and school supply distribution)
There is potential in everyone. A seed that needs to be nurtured and cared for. With the waters of charity, this seed can grow to change to world! By equipping children with a school supplies, Books En More hopes to bring forth the potential in every child, backpack on their back, pen in hand.

(2016 – Lunch for the homeless on New Years Eve)
With a hot meal and some music, Books En More’s family and friends celebrated the year’s end with some holiday provisions, joy, and some respite for the homeless. There’s no better way to end the year and start a new one than a feast and fellowship with our homeless brothers and sisters.

 (Backpack distribution at Mc Arthur Park, Los Angeles)
Thank you, LA Cloud 9, for making us part of your ministry!

(Celebrating Manny’s Birthday at the Men’s Shelter)
At the Men’s Shelter, we turn a birthday into a banquet!