Enhancing RTI: How to Ensure Success with Effective Classroom Instruction and Intervention (Professional Development) 1st Edition (Paperback)


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Response to Intervention (RTI) is a necessity for all schools, That?s why you need this book?s to improved approach to RTI. The authors of this book introduce you to a strengthened model of RTI that emphasizes formative assessment and refining core instruction rather than relying only on multiple layers of intervention.

Components for this strengthened model?RTI??consist of? *Using instruction that is responsive, data driven and standards-based * Ensure continuity and alignment among all levels of instruction. *Developing, uses formative assessment results to inform the learner, establish progress benchmarks, and improve curriculum and instruction for all students. *Establishing a way for educators and families to work together effectively.

The authors address and increase your knowledge of the principles of high-quality RTI, includes *factors undermine most approaches to RTI.

*types of assessments are included in an effective RTI model. *How to analyze assessment data and ensure that it?s used to improve curriculum and instruction.

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