Success Skills for High School, College, and Career Revised ed. Edition (Paperback)

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Successful students and employees have something in common: a well-developed skill set that transcends book smarts.

Success Skills for High School, College, and Career provides step-by-step guidelines and hands-on exercises to enable students to enhance their academic performance and prepare for future career success.

This book is for you if you are a high school or college student who wants to:

  • Develop key academic success skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Build soft skills that employers seek
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Critical thinking
    • Problem-solving
    • Time management
    • Professionalism

Parents and teachers, do you want to equip your students with skills and experiences essential for success in the classroom and on the job? If so, this practical book is a great resource.

A  50-page application workbook is available as a free download.

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Cary J. Green


Skills 4 Students, LLC; Revised ed Edition (July 14, 2020)



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